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What is Med Tech Sweden?

Med Tech Sweden, Inc is the most lightweight, environmentally friendly, medically safe, Emergency First Responder equipment in the world. Designed by Bo Renberg in Sweden, created in the USA.



     Bo Rickard E Renberg, originally from 1968 a Fire Fighter, EMT-Paramedic who returned to school to gain a degree as an RN; then Mobile Intensive Care Nurse.

    In Sweden he has full delegation as a Nurse Practitioner-Physician’s Assistant; and has served over forty years in the field, both in Hospital, ER, and Emergency Medical Services. 


     Bo first entered EMS and Fire Protection work in 1968 while in the Swedish Air Force, where he was a Firefighter- EMT and then LPN.

He served on the Karlskoga Fire Dept and Ambulance, Karlskoga, Sweden and then in Kristinehamn Fire Dept, Kristinehamn, Sweden up to 2008.

     He also was chairman of SRAG; Svenska Raddnings och Akutvards Gruppen;  The Swedish Rescue and Emergency Medicine Association, which pushed for higher standards in protocol and preparedness for education and equipment in EMS. 

     Bo also served as a board member with NASG;  Nordiska Ambulans Samarbets Gruppen; which pushed for cooperative agreements and improved laws which facilitated joint efforts of rescue workers across national boundaries.    This work with the Nordic Council allowed rescue and medical professionals to join efforts for rescues over national borders or as needed for large-scale emergency medical efforts and disasters.

     Throughout all these years, since 1968, Bo has worked continually; while also developing and testing products to stabilize fractures until they may be examined in the hospital.

     He began first with a group that experimented with filled sandbags or beanbags to stabilize fractures; and continued to develop the products with ever greater improvements and applications for various rescue situations for which there was previously no satisfactory solution.    


     In the US Bo has worked with the US Olympic Teams, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Purdue, the Denver Broncos, the Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Fire Dept, Los Angeles County, FDNY EMS of New York City, Homeland Security, the US Air Force, Rolls Royce, the Dallas Mavericks, the Red Cross of Iceland, The Red Cross of Italy, FIA European Racing in France, Aspen, Vail, Steamboat Springs Ski Areas, countless ski patrol teams in the US and abroad, Sweden’s Queen Silvia Hospital for Children, Children’s Hospital in Baltimore, The Swedish Coast Guard and all of those that choose only the very highest quality.


We have been in Geneseo, Illinois since 2008, where we manufacture Bo’s products; patented and sold in the US, UK, Scandinavia and Europe.


Every product is made right here in our shop from high-quality US-bought materials; and undergoes rigorous testing for each product individually before being released.

© Copyright Med Tech Sweden, Inc
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