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* Earlier models of the VSB were thicker, heavier and had more material on the sides. Bo Renberg was able to re-invent the product after ambulances/EMS needed more space in the Ambluance and Helicoptors. The newer models serve the search and rescue community with a slimmed down-lighter product with more durable engineering.


The 6 foot VSB is 6 feet long by 32 inches wide

The 7 foot VSB is 7 feet long by 34 inches wide

The Bariatric is 7 ½ feet long by 42 inches wide


The Vacuum Spine Board (VSB) offers quick, comfortable, and easy full-body immobilization for suspected spine, pelvic, or hip fractures and multiple-fracture patients. The VSB offers exceptional water rescue properties and can aid in hypothermia prevention. A specially designed pelvic strap system easily adjusts to the right level over the pelvic area with unique "click on" fasteners. A valve adapter is supplied for using portable suction units. This product is both MRI compatible and X-Ray translucent. The Vacuum Spine Board is available in Pediatric, 5 feet, 6 feet, and 7 feet sizes, and folds to a compact size when not in use. A carrying case is supplied for easy storage. All straps and lifting handles are color-coded, comfortable, and easy to remove, clean, or replace. The standard ½" (1.27 cm) US/Europe 2-piece valve is easy to operate with heavy gloves on and easy to clean or replace.

A multi-chamber system with 18 different size chambers allows the beads to stay in place, even in a vertical application. This product is covered by a lifetime guarantee - with the exception of the replacement parts which are covered by a one year warranty.

Vacuum Spine Board Full Set

SKU: MT90004
VSB Set Sizes
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